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Western Hemisphere RBGAN and BGAN coverage

New BGAN service provides broadband and voice capabilities

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Posted: 9.14.2006

With the activation last summer of the Inmarsat 4F-2 satellite (over Brazil ), RBGAN service is now available in South America and Western Africa. In addition, The new BGAN terminals, with higher bandwidth and voice capability, are operational in North and South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Inmarsat will not offer RBGAN service to users in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, or the Caribbean. However, the new BGAN terminals will operate throughout the Western Hemisphere.

A map of the coverage area can be found on the Inmarsat Web site.

Users in Western Africa within the footprint of the Inmarsat 4-F2 satellite now have the capability to select which satellite they wish to use. The Launch Pad software (version 3.15.0) provides heading and elevation information that can be used to locate both satellites.

The new BGAN service, with bandwidths of up to 492 kbps, provides remote users with broadband Internet access and wireless networking. The BGAN system utilizes the same I-4 satellites as the RBGAN, but it is more robust than the 144 kbps RBGAN bandwidth and utilizes new, specialized terminals (but at a prices of USD 2000 and above). These terminals, which offer both voice and data communications, are now available. For more information on the Inmarsat BGAN service, click here.

For detailed information and pricing on the new BGAN service and terminals, please contact us at

For information on the proven RBGAN system, click here.

For further information and assistance, contact your service provider, or you may email us at

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