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Installing solar on the roofEvery form of technology covered by the HumaniNet team, from medical reference software to Internet calling to satellite modems, shares one limitation: they aren't very effective without power.

How Much Power Does Your Laptop Need? - Larry Bentley, a veteran electrical engineer and expert in power systems, answers such questions as: what can you do to reduce the power draw for longer life on battery? Or if you are operating on portable power, what can you do to minimize power consumption from the limited supply? Read Larry's article and also a bio summary of his experience.

Also see Cutting All the Wires: Solar Power in the Field, which introduces a few portable and mobile solar power solutions.

An Energy Solutions Toolkit for ICT Projects. All NGO and humanitarian managers know that electricity in remote and austere locations is too often unreliable, unpredictable, or nonexistent. USAID has recently

introduced a web-based interactive toolkit called "Powering ICT" which will help users select the most cost-effective mix of ICT and energy systems for projects in off-grid and poorly electrified areas. The toolkit provides useful information about the energy requirements of ICT equipment, energy solutions for rural ICT projects, and decision-making support tools in the form of spreadsheets and web-based calculation tools. You will also find case studies from around the world and links to other related resources on the web. The toolkit was developed by Winrock International and the Academy for Educational Development.

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