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By Vern Gillespie
Posted: 8/23/2004

Medical Instruction in NepalMedical reference information can mean the difference between life and death, but is too often unavailable in the field. This list of resources points to information in a variety of formats.

CD-Rom and PDA formats are particularly useful in remote field locations that lack inexpensive broadband internet access, and many of the websites here provide information that could be saved on a Tablet PC, PDA, or laptop when a broadband connection is available.

We are interested in hearing about your field experiences with medical reference information. Please contact us if you have any questions or stories to share.

CD's and Online Information

New York Emergency Room RN Portal (NYERN)
NYERRN.COM is a gateway to over 31,000 medical web links. This portal’s links contain many free educational tools, free on-line medical textbooks, on-line patient simulators, encyclopedias, illustrations and tutorials.

Lippincott Williams and Wilkins (LWW)
LWW is a 200 years old publisher of 275 medical journals, Two hundred journals have online versions. The web site features more than 4,000 titles in over 100 disciplines. They also have a European portal.

Medical Info Europe and Asia
EurasiaHealth Knowledge Network is funded by the American International Health Alliance (AIHA) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The portal includes databases that provides information to NIS/CEE health professionals in their native language, in even the most remote areas of the region. Users can search the Multilingual Library by language, subject, and type of material (articles, conference proceedings, presentations, clinical practice guidelines, etc.), to find downloadable full-text educational documents and other materials.

Mobile Devices (PDA’s, Tablet PC’s…)

J.A. Majors
JA Majors publishing was established in 1909. Click on “PDA Center” to search their 448 PDA compatible titles.

Skyscape’s 200 applications run on Palm, Pocket PC and CD formats. Skyscape was founded in 2000 and has 225,000 customers.

Medical Pocket PC (Pocket PC/ Mobile 2003 format)
Medical Pocket PC is a portal for medical applications for PDA’s that use Pocket PC / Mobile 2003 operating system.

Medical Tablet PC (Tablet PC format)
Medical Tablet PC is a portal for medical applications for Tablet PC computers that use the Windows XP Tablet operating system.

PDA Cortex
PDA Cortex is a portal that contains helpful information like informatics news, new user links…

Medical Applications (Palm OS format)

Ectoptic Brain is a portal for medical applications for PDA’s that use Palm OS operating system.

Healthy Palm Pilot is a portal of medical applications that boast a very powerful search engine and helpful summaries. For example, see the results for a search on “infectious”.

Free Medical Software (Palm and Pocket PC OS PDA’s)

New York Emergency Room RN Portal
Freeware Palm
Freeware PPC

Medical Reference Resources for Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease Medicine

Prince Leopold Tropical Medicine Library
Prince Leopold Tropical Medicine is located in Antwerp, Belgium and has an extensive portal for tropical medicine links. Portal includes ebooks, online journals…

Infectious Disease Medicine Sites
New York Emergency Room RN
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Infectious Disease (Pocket PC OS PDA)
Medical Pocket PC site has an Infectious Disease section. Go to “Software” and then “Medical” and then “Infectious Disease”.

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