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HumaniNet ICT Information Service

The HumaniNet ICT Information Service is designed for humanitarian and missionary field teams and managers. The information presented here was selected for its usefulness to humanitarian organizations and offers practical assistance on information and communications technologies (ICT). We include feedback, tips, and articles from field users, and we welcome their inputs.

Since we cannot test and verify all of this information, we remind users and other readers to verify all information independently before using it for purchasing or operational decisions.

Current Updates

The latest developments in satellite communications and more.

Satellite Communications

Aid and relief workers need affordable Internet access wherever they work. They seldom have staff resources or time to find solutions that work in the field. Our Satcom section is designed to help people who need these answers. Read more...

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Visit our Maps 2.0 site, which offers information, resources, and tutorials on geospatial information systems, commonly known as GIS, and the rapidly increasing use of online mapping tools like Google Earth.

Mobile and Portable Power

Satellite terminals, VoIP, and PDAs provide new ways to communicate from remote locations. But at some point, the batteries run out, and you have to recharge. Read more...

Mobile Computing

Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and small notebook computers are becoming more reliable and prevalent. But how do you know which device fits your specific needs and field situations? Read more...

Health Information and Technology

Visit the AED-SATELLIFE site for current, useful information on health-related information technologies.

Global Development Commons

An online resource and conversation at the intersection of technology and international development. Leading technology innovators and international development practitioners from around the world share ideas to improve efforts to enrich the lives of the world's poor.

Updated June 1, 2009

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