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The HumaniNet Project Team is
a group of experienced and committed volunteers who give of their time, talents, and resources to further the HumaniNet vision. As you see from their profiles below, the Task Force represents a wide range of expertise and knowledge in many fields of technology. We acknowledge their contributions here with gratitude.

Project Team Members:

Matt Blair, Founder, Elsewise Strategic
Matt is devoted to empowering non-profit organizations and small businesses through technology. Since 1997, he has evaluated and implemented a wide variety of solutions, including custom database programs, tools to enhance organizational data flow and information sharing capacity, and strategies to improve communications between non-profits and their constituents and volunteers.

Matt has helped to design and implement the HumaniNet Web Information Service, an online resource that assists humanitarian organizations with technology and communications information. He is now leading efforts to design and deploy our next generation of information and project collaboration services using Plone, an open source content management system. In addition, he is currently implementing a constituent relationship management (CRM) system for HumaniNet based on donated services from

Joe Ludwig, GIS Analyst, SRA International
Joe is an experienced GIS professional who provides spatial analysis and GIS technology support to Department of Defense clients at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. He is also an Air Force veteran who has served in operations support assignments in the U.S. and abroad. As a HumaniNet volunteer, Joe is especially interested in the utilization of GIS tools to aid NGOs involved with disaster response and humanitarian assistance efforts. Joe holds a bachelor's degree in mathematical sciences from the U.S. Air Force Academy and a master's degree in geographic information systems from the Pennsylvania State University.

Vern Gillespie, Productivity for Handhelds, LLC
Vern's focus is on the enterprise use of mobility devices (Palm OS PDA's, Pocket PC PDA's, and Laptop/Tablet PCs) for both wired and wireless networks. His company's goal is to match a company's business needs to the right mobile applications and devices to make them more productive. Vern is a published author in the areas of computer design and product development processes.

Larry Bentley, Senior Electrical Engineer, Verizon
Larry is (in his words) "a victim of 28+ years in the telecom industry." He manages to "only briefly make periodic escapes to try to get useful things done in the real world of a billion plus people without safe drinking water, and billions more living in chronic poverty. Working with projects from solar power systems, water wells, hand pump repairs, and electrical work, teaching people to use engineering to help improve their lives and the lives of their children is far more enjoyable. After all, if it doesn't work in the real world, it's not well engineered."

Larry is a Graduate of Georgia Tech in Aerospace Engineering. His hobbies are flight instructing, computer repair, amateur radio operator, and reading technology manuals.

Sue Gemmell, Senior Business Systems Analyst
Sue is an experienced information management professional, committed to advancing the human aspects of information systems. She brings expertise in identifying and embedding community values into systems through the application of participatory, user-centered design. Sue has a passion for researching the information behavior of diverse target audiences, and enjoys business process analysis; writing and diagramming requirements, specifications and presentations; and communication across functional disciplines. She particularly loves maps, GIS and information design. She has a bachelors degree in Visual Arts from Princeton and a masters degree in Information Management from the University of Washington’s iSchool.

Sue served as a relief worker in the Khao-I-Dang Khmer refugee camp in 1980, and has traveled through Southeast Asia, Nepal and Tibet.

Doug May, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Doug served in the Air Force for 21 years and has extensive experience with spacecraft and launch systems. He managed the propulsion subsystem development for the Inertial Upper Stage, a vehicle designed to fly on the Space Shuttle and Titan launch vehicle. Doug's second career was with ATK Thiokol, Inc., supporting the boosters for the Space Shuttle. His satellite aiming program helps HumaniNet-supported teams to acquire satellites with communications systems. He enjoys applying his experience to help teams in the field and help Humaninet keep abreast of new satellite capabilities.

Sky Irving
Sky does an outstanding job of maintaining our database of field partners, donors, and supporters.  The database is donated by the foundation

Srini Penchikala, Flagstar Bank, Troy, Michigan
Srini is part of Flagstar Bank HumaniNet Volunteer group. His areas of focus are GIS/Mapping, Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Wireless. There have been very interesting and exciting developments in GIS/Mapping area in last few years and new technologies such as AJAX, SOA, Web Mashups etc are making the tasks of viewing and analyzing maps easier and more useful. These developments will help the field volunteers in organizations like Humaninet to be agile in getting required map information and other mapping details to help the communities.

Jeff Oltmann, Synergy Professional Services
Jeff Oltmann has twenty years of engineering, program management and line management experience in the high technology industry with industry leaders such as Sequent, IBM, Prisma and Gould. He has done extensive program management of computer development projects, including program budgets over $100M and worldwide marketing, engineering, service, and manufacturing teams of over 100 members.

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