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HumaniNet Board of Directors:

Gregg Swanson, Executive Director (Board Chair)
A former Air Force officer and fighter pilot, Gregg served for 20 years in line and staff positions with Air Force headquarters, NATO forces, and operational units in Asia and Europe. Before founding HumaniNet in 2002, he held executive and management positions in several Silicon Valley technology companies and nonprofit organizations, primarily in operations and international programs. A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, he has studied in Germany as an Olmsted Scholar and has graduate degrees in international affairs from the American University and in business from Stanford University. Gregg and his wife Doris live in the Portland area.

Roderick Boutin, General Counsel (Board Secretary)
Rod received his Juris Doctorate from Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College in 1982. He has practiced in the Oregon state and federal trial and appellate courts since 1982. His practice emphasizes organizational and transactional services for emerging technologies, growth companies, school districts and insurance underwriters. He currently serves on the Boards of several pharmaceutical research companies and 501(c)(3) clinical and community development corporations.

Peter van Bever
Peter joined our board in July, 2003. He is active in church, music, and community affairs in the Portland area and serves on several boards, including the Board of Trustees of the San Francisco Theological Seminary. Peter has a strong interest in humanitarian relief and support of mission work internationally.

Geoffrey W McCarthy, MD, MBA, founder of AvMedSafe
Geoff recently retired from the VA healthcare system, where he held senior leadership positions as Chief Medical Officer of large healthcare delivery networks. He has managed a private family medicine practice and and has served in the U.S. Air Force as pilot-physician and CEO of USAF hospital systems. Geoff's telemedicine experience includes the establishment of tele-health systems to transmit retinal photos around the network for reading by any ophthalmologist. He also augmented telemedicine capabilities, and was involved in managing the VA's first network-wide radiology picture archiving system (PACS). Geoff was also instrumental in setting up home tele-health for sick veterans, enabling nurse care managers to evaluate them daily and intervene before their chronic disease led them back to the hospital. Geoff hopes to help Humaninet establish remote medical care capabilities by tying together specialists and patients world-wide.

Advisory Council:

Matt Blair, Founder, Elsewise Strategic
Matt is devoted to empowering non-profit organizations and small businesses through technology. Since 1997, he has evaluated and implemented a wide variety of solutions, including custom database programs, tools to enhance organizational data flow and information sharing capacity, and strategies to improve communications between non-profits and their constituents and volunteers. Matt has helped to design and implement the HumaniNet Web Information Service, an online resource that assists humanitarian organizations with technology and communications information. He is now leading efforts to design and deploy our next generation of information and project collaboration services using Plone, an open source content management system. In addition, he is currently implementing a constituent relationship management (CRM) system for HumaniNet based on donated services from

Mike Wenger, Strategic Consultant
Mike retired from industry after over 30 years of varied experience which included senior executive positions at Sun Microsystems (Worldwide Senior Director of Strategy and Innovation for Sun Knowledge Services, Senior Director of eLearning in Sun Educational Services), academe (teaching business strategy, international business, and entrepreneurship at Washington State University, the US Air Force Academy, and Mercer University), and a successful private consulting practice focused on long-term strategy and change for clients in industry, government, and the non-profit sector. He also served over 20 years in the US Air Force in leadership positions as both a pilot and on the faculty of the USAF Academy. Mike took his Doctorate in international business and cross-cultural communication from Oxford University. He currently works with several international humanitarian organizations in a variety of advisory roles. His interests include the use of technology to foster communication, coordination, and learning in and among organizations; innovation and change; and fostering education and business skills for humanitarian development.

Teresa Crawford, Strategic Technology Consultant
Teresa Crawford is a strategic technology consultant based in Washington DC. Since 1998 she has worked in over 30 countries helping community based groups make better use of information technology in their work. In 1999 she co founded the first post war ISP in Kosovo - IPKO - and still serves on the board of the IPKO Institute. Previously Teresa worked as the Technology Director of The Advocacy Project and currently serves on their board and provides advice and support to their partner organizations. Consulting clients have included Compumentor, Aspiration, EngenderHealth, Institute for Sustainable Communities, Open Society Institute and Humaninet.

Scott Crickmore, Information Systems Coordinator, CRWRC

Scott oversees the management information system for the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC), gathering program and financial data from the 25 overseas countries where the agency works (as well as domestic work in the US and Canada). Scott also supports field staff with their various technical needs (communications, software, critical data backup, etc.).  Based in Bamako, Mali for the past 20 years, Scott has insight and firsthand experience into the unique struggles that field staff have trying to use IT in the developing world. Scott has also volunteered with the Fulfulde Harmonization Project -- a project using linguistic software to adapt texts between related languages; and he has developed several software packages used to transfer African languages from Roman based script to Arabic based script. Prior to moving overseas, Scott was an officer and pilot in the U.S. Air Force. Scott holds a Bachelors degree
in Computer Science from Michigan Technological University.

Bruce Frydenlund, President and CEO, Encounter Collaborative
Bruce is the founder of Encounter Collaborative and has been instrumental in the development and success of four high technology companies: Alpine Data Systems, Apogee 2000, Envoy Global and Envoy Icon. These companies share a common goal - to enable dispersed communities to share mission-critical information. Encounter Collaborative builds upon Bruce's extensive experience and contacts in the collaboration industry to create a thriving communications environment that always has put a premium on high touch customer service.

Tom Gillihan, President and CEO, Sterling Communications, Portland
Sterling Communications is a full service Internet Solutions Provider, focused on Internet solutions for business, delivering high-speed Internet access that is void of pornographic content. Sterling, in business since 1997, employs a state-of-the-art content filter which removes the adult and pornographic material from the Internet data stream before it gets into the businesses that they serve. Their robust network infrastructure and content filtered access currently provides worry-free Internet service to approximately 600 businesses in the local area.

Duncan King, President, RPI, Minneapolis, Minnesota
With an extensive business consulting background, Duncan assists HumaniNet with strategic and financial planning. He has led the global expansion of RPI, a pioneering company which uses a patented process for recycling scrap tires. This environmentally-benign process reactivates cured scrap rubber, allowing it to be used in large concentrations to mold new rubber products such as shoe soles and tire treads. Current production facilities include a third US site about to begin construction and a facility in Australia. Duncan received his MBA from Stanford University.

Jeff Oltmann, Synergy Professional Services
Jeff Oltmann has twenty years of engineering, program management and line management experience in the high technology industry with industry leaders such as Sequent, IBM, Prisma and Gould. He has done extensive program management of computer development projects, including program budgets over $100M and worldwide marketing, engineering, service, and manufacturing teams of over 100 members. Jeff is a published author in the areas of computer design and product development processes.

Dr. John Sherry, Manager, People and Practices Research Group, Intel Corporation

The People and Practices Research Group is part of Intel's research organization dedicated to exploring disruptive technologies, new technology usage models, and future technology capabilities on a more distant horizon. Like most of his colleagues in the PaPR group, Dr. Sherry received his academic degree in social scientific research (specifically anthropology). His professional career has mainly involved detailed fieldwork - including observations and interviews of people at work, at home, at play and all points in between, to understand real people's needs and values, and hopefully to design better technologies as a result. Much of his more recent work has focused on the needs of people for whom information and communications technologies are currently out of reach, which includes about ninety percent of the world's population.

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