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Sabre BGAN performing well worldwide - special package now available

For well over a year, the Addvalue Sabre I BGAN
has been working very reliably and efficiently in all geographies. Please see the Inmarsat coverage
for satellite coverage.

Currently, the Sabre is available combined with 120 megabytes (Mb) of usage for only US$1499, a value
of well over $2000.Please contact us at for details.

Report from a new user in Papua New Guinea, December 2009:
I tried out the voice function of the Sabre this
morning - worked great! CLEAR AS A BELL! I am sending and receiving email with the BGAN right
now, over my Mac, for the first time. The wireless
service is down...for the third day in a, I got
tired of waiting for it to come back up, and with less
than 60 kb usage, and in about two minutes I had a stack of emails in and am now replying.

Contact us at f you would like more information. Please use "BGAN" in the subject line of your email, and include the name of your organization and whether you are using BGAN service or a satphone. We will reply within three business days.

There are six models of BGAN terminals, with equipment prices beginning at $1100 and service at under $7 per megabyte. Most of these models enable both voice and data communications. The voice calls have demonstrated extremely good quality in our tests, with international calls at just over one US$ per minute.

Please see our home page and ICT Features section for more on the BGAN terminals. Our article on Using the Web affordably over BGAN offers some tips on managing costs, as does an earlier article on Holding Down Usage over BGAN.

Please contact us at for more information.

HumaniNet has a small number of Sabre BGANs and Iridium satphones available for loan to qualifying humanitarian and mission teams. Please contact us at:

Compressing your email, Saving $. If you depend upon remote satellite or HF radio services for your email, you may have heard of "compression" and asked: how does it work, and how does it help? Read more and learn about the popular UUPlus solution.

For more information and pricing of mobile satellite services, contact us at and include your organization, region of interest, and general requirement for field communications. Thank you.

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