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HumaniNet was founded in 2002 by a group of volunteers in the United States who recognized the acute need for technology assistance to humanitarian organizations. Since then, HumaniNet has grown to become a cooperative network of over 100 field organizations, several supporting technology businesses, and a group of expert volunteers who help with research and analysis, finding the best practices, and sharing field results in global information and communication technologies, or ICT.

This informal alliance consists of several constituencies:

Field partners. A fast-growing, informal alliance of nonprofit humanitarian and mission organizations whom we assist and who share their observations and field results in global information and communication technologies, or ICT.

Technology partners. We have formed cooperative and productive relationships with experts in a variety of ICT areas and with companies and leaders who understand the needs and challenges facing the humanitarian community.

Funding partners. Our donors make it possible for us to deliver the information and assistance that humanitarian teams need. We acknowledge their contributions to HumaniNet and to the "people who help people."

HumaniNet Project Team. The HumaniNet Project Team is a growing group of experienced and committed volunteers who give of their time, talents, and resources to further the HumaniNet vision.

Leadership. Meet our executive director, board, and advisory council.

Please visit our pages on each of these important components at the links above.

For information on our activities, projects, and plans, please go to What We Do.

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